This accent-training program is exactly what I had been looking for for many years! Kathi Chrissinger is a highly skilled yet very friendly instructor with years of experience in teaching English to non-native speakers. She is very familiar with typical challenges of non-native speakers with different cultural backgrounds.

Her analytical approach helped me to understand the structure of information, intonations relative to the structure and needed emphasis in the context.Because of her training, I now pay more attention to appropriate intonation, pausing, stress, and lengthening, all of which act as signals in spoken language for the listeners to receive the information in an organized fashion.Professional success always requires professional communication skills. This is a great help for anyone who can speak relatively fluently yet would like to speak perfectly with reduced accent. 

This type of professional training program is hard to find. Kathi is truly a gem and a needed talent to help all professionals who wish to speak more effectively.I enjoy our weekly one-hour sessions with various materials.I hope more professionals will have this amazing experience to be an effective communicator. 

C. K., Ph.D.
University Professor and Researcher

I never had any issues communicating with others with my self -taught English until I entered into a highly professional work environment. There, after many “say that again”s and “could you repeat that”s, I understood that my English was definitively not enough.

I encountered Kathi by chance, but it was one of the greatest strokes of luck I have ever had. In just two weeks of her dynamic, science-backed personalized classes, my English proficiency advanced at least 2 years.  This woman is an academic expert in language, phonology and communication, which is transparent in her teaching techniques, adapted exactly to all specific needs. But her qualities are not restricted to teaching; she also has a wonderful and generous personality, making every encounter meaningful and joyful. I don’t have any doubts that Kathi is the best English teacher that anyone could ever have, which is the reason that I have recommended her to all of my friends and family, and now they are having classes of their own with Kathi. Learning English from her has been truly a life changing experience.

ENT Surgeon

Years ago I came to the US to improve my English. Even though I was fluent in English, something was still missing in my pronunciation, so I decided to start taking classes with Kathi. After my first class, I knew that I wanted to continue learning from her. Kathi explains how to pronounce the vowels, consonants and more importantly for me, she addresses my specific weakness areas, specifically words with M and V. This has helped me to have a softer accent or one closer to an American accent. I really like that she finds different ways to teach me and makes this experience enjoyable. Now I can say that I am confident with my pronunciation. I highly recommend Kathi if you want to reduce your accent.Kathi thanks for everything!!


My name is Ana and I am an ophthalmologist from Spain. I started taking pronunciation classes with Kathi 3 months ago because I wanted to improve my communication skills with my patients. Most of them are elderly and hard of hearing and had a hard time understanding me sometimes. With Kathi I learnt the importance of rhythm, intonation and stress. Now, I feel more confident talking to my patients. I even had a patient that I met a few months back tell me the other day: “What happened to you? You are losing your accent!”

I had such a great day today because I finally understood how to get rid of my accent. Lucky native English speakers just do not realize how it can bother you when you cannot speak clearly.

After a few years of living in the U.S. I realized that although I improved my writing skills and extended my vocabulary, I still have this terribly strong German accent. It bothers me a lot because, first of all, I want to continue and advance my career in the U.S., and second, I just want to speak English clearly and correctly. That is why I did my own Internet research about the possible ways to leave my accent in the past. Then I came to the conclusion that I needed to contact Kathi Chrissinger because the information I found about her impressed me very much. And I did it! 

Kathi’s method works perfectly for me! She offers an individual approach and caters to my specific needs and even went out of her way to help me preparing for a new position in customer service.

I found that the steps and techniques Kathi has taught me are very easy to memorize and reproduce but so effective! I understand that it is just the beginning, and I have to practice a lot if I want to achieve my goal: to get rid of my accent. However, the first very important step has been made, and I doubt that it could be as easy without Kathi’s help. 

Thank you very much, Kathi. You are the best!

Customer Service

I had asked Kathy to help me with my communication and speech needs. I have always been a nervous presenter. She helped me identify the key areas that needed improvement as well customized the program to address my needs. I thought I had a “weak” voice but when Kathy demonstrated certain techniques on intonation and voice projection, my presentation skills and speech abilities improved very quickly. Kathy is very compassionate, patient and a good listener. She helped me boost my confidence during presentations. I highly recommend Kathy to anyone who needs to improve verbal communication.

Public School Teacher

How lucky we were to have had Kathi as a teacher when we arrived in the United States! Kathi is an excellent teacher, trained and experienced. Her dynamism and enthusiasm encouraged us and allowed us to progress quickly.

Kathi’s courses are very personalized; she adapts not only the level but also the rhythm and the sequence of each lesson based on the individual needs of each student,  in our case, each member of the family.

We appreciated her kindness and her sprightly nature, as well as her constant words of encouragement! We learned a lot with Kathi, whose spark does not prevent the rigor or the requirement!

We are infinitely grateful for all her work for our family and heartily recommend her!