I love getting to know my clients, learning about their culture, their work, their goals, their successes, and their frustrations.

I love accents!

Although we all have accents – I speak Standard North American English with an accent from Columbus, Ohio and speak Spanish with a Mexican accent, sometimes accents may create a barrier to communication. If listeners have trouble understanding the message, accent modification may be needed.

I work individually, one-on-one with clients from around the world who want to learn how to communicate more clearly. We meet face-to-face in a convenient location in Columbus, Ohio. I have very flexible hours, trying to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

In our first meeting, my clients will talk about their goals and I talk about what I can offer. Then, I give two initial diagnostics; one is reading a passage and the other is speaking freely. Based on these diagnostics, I analyze the pronunciation, the phrasing, the intonation, the clarity, etc. and identify what communication obstacles exist. I then formulate a plan to work on those issues that may interfere. I want to empower my clients to speak English more clearly and to be more confident in their interactions.

If you are not in the Central Ohio area, contact me about a session on Zoom.

My Commitment To You

If you have the desire to change, and the willingness to practice and work hard, I promise to provide you with the knowledge, the skills, and the support needed to achieve the cultural and linguistic goals you pursue. I also promise to make the process enjoyable!


Ready to talk?

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