Accent Modification

Pronounce English clearly.

Speaking Success offers individual coaching sessions for non-native speakers of English who want to modify their accented speech. Clients are taught important features of North American English pronunciation. They then practice those specific sounds and patterns that have been identified as interfering with communication. Topics covered are:

  • Consonants and vowel production

  • Word stress patterns

  • Rhythm and linking

  • Discourse intonation

  • How to “slow down” your speech

Clients receive targeted feedback, specific to their needs and goals.

Cultural Competence

Understand your American audience better

Successful interactions require a common understanding of cultural norms and expectations. Clients improve their cross-cultural communication skills by learning about cultural differences that could cause misunderstandings and practicing ways to adapt for better communication.

  • Use appropriate eye contact, gestures, and body language.
    Non-verbal communication is more powerful than words.

  • Learn rules about conversations.
    When to interrupt, when to pause, how long to wait.

  • Learn rules about discourse intonation.
    HOW something is said can be more important than WHAT is said.

  • Learn the culture of the workplace well.
    It’s important to know your audience and know what is expected.

  • Learn how to be an active listener.

Cultural competence means to successfully communicate, negotiate and effectively work with people from other cultures.

Business Communication

  Communicate successfully in the workplace.

Speaking Success provides professionals with the keys to effective interactions with their clients, patients, and students. Clients practice the necessary skills to speak clearly, to use appropriate non-verbal language and to engage listeners.

  • Practice interviewing for a job.

  • Role-play customer service calls.

  • Role-play doctor- patient consultations.

  • Practice language used in collaborating with clients, and colleagues.

  • Practice giving informal talks, reporting data, giving recommendations, etc.

In individual one-on-one sessions, clients re-enact the contexts in which they are using English. Feedback is provided about the clarity of language, the effectiveness of non-verbal communication and use of intonation. Clients feel more confident after practice.

Public Speaking

Effective presentation skills

Speaking Success provides clients with the skills to become effective speakers at conferences, in meetings, and in the classroom. Clients practice giving speeches or lectures. They then are given specific feedback on how to improve their delivery.  Topics taught include:

  • Breathing techniques to reduce nervousness.

  • Strategies to appear confident and in control.

  • Use of redundancies, organizational cues, and discourse marking.

  • Discourse intonation to make content clear and easy to remember.

  • Strategies to create a learning environment

Clients practice these skills to speak more confidently, clearly, and effectively.

My Commitment To You

If you have the desire to change, and the willingness to practice and work hard, I promise to provide you with the knowledge, the skills, and the support needed to achieve the cultural and linguistic goals you pursue. I also promise to make the process enjoyable!


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