Business Communication Skills

Communicate effectively in the workplace

Speaking Success provides professionals with the keys to effective interactions with their clients, patients, and students. Clients practice the necessary skills to speak clearly, to use appropriate non-verbal language and to engage listeners.

  • Practice interviewing for a job.

  • Role-play customer service calls.

  • Role-play doctor- patient consultations.

  • Practice language used in collaborating with clients, and colleagues.

  • Practice giving informal talks, reporting data, giving recommendations, etc.

In individual one-on-one sessions, clients re-enact the contexts in which they are using English. Feedback is provided about the clarity of language, the effectiveness of non-verbal communication and use of intonation. Clients feel more confident after practice.

My Commitment To You

If you have the desire to change, and the willingness to practice and work hard, I promise to provide you with the knowledge, the skills, and the support needed to achieve the cultural and linguistic goals you pursue. I also promise to make the process enjoyable!


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